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... and guppies eat their young "Once"


For those who laid restless awaiting another release from the prolific band, ... and guppies eat their young return like riders of low-hanging monsoon clouds, delivering gentle desert trance-rock on their latest release. The guppies meld striding guitar melodies with layers of otherworldly distortion. "Once," released on Tempe's Scapular Winging Records, delivers a polished collection of indie-rock anthems ("Parking Garage," "Life Can Be One") and gracious ballads ("Dreaming of a Place," "In A State"). "Cuz livin' is one thing/and dying's another/and you may find yourself between," sings Brock Ruggles on "The Warbly Life" with the conviction of someone forced to consider such things. Though dark at times, "Once" is an inspired work full of promise. B+

(Originally published: August 19, 2004) The original article can be found here.