A summary of what we used around the time of our last shows.

Brock's Orange amp.

Brock's Fender Strat.

Brock plays a Mexican Fender Stratocaster (black). For recordings, he occasionally uses an acoustic guitar.

His signal goes through a Sabine ST-1000 Tuner, an Ibanez DE7 Delay/Echo pedal, a Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal, an Ibanez TS-9DX Turbo Tube Screamer Overdrive pedal and an Ibanez TS-7 Tube Screamer Overdrive pedal.

He uses an Orange AD30R tube amplifier.

Roland's Fender Jazzmaster and amp.

Roland's pedalboard.

Roland plays a Japanese Fender Jazzmaster (sunburst) for most songs (on some he plays either a Mexican Stratocaster (maroon) or an American Stratocaster (slate gray) in a different tunings. For older Guppy recordings and live shows, he used an American 1960 Fender Jazzmaster (white) which is now in temporary retirement.

His signal passes through an Ibanez TS-10 Tube Screamer Overdrive pedal, a Boss PN-2 Tremelo/Pan pedal, a Boss GE-7B Bass EQ pedal (for boost), a Boss DD-5 Digital Delay pedal, a Digitech PDS-8000 Echo Plus pedal, and a Dunlop Crybaby Wah pedal before going into an Alesis Quadraverb rack-mount processor. He sometimes also uses a Digitech American Metal distortion pedal and/or a Proco Turbo Rat distortion pedal.

He uses a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amplifier.

Jason's Epiphone guitar.

Jason's Ampeg amp.

Jason plays an Epiphone Dot semi-hollow body guitar (red). He ocassionally uses acoustic 6- and 12-string guitars and, for many past recordings, has used a Fender hybrid Telecaster/Stratocaster.

His signal goes through an Ibanez FZ-7 Fuzz pedal, a Boss DD-5 Digital Delay pedal, a Boss OC-1 Octave pedal (sometimes), and a Dunlop Crybaby wah pedal before ending up in an Alesis Quadraverb effects processor.

He uses an Ampeg Reverberocket tube amplifier.

Sonny's bass amp.

Sonny's Fender Jazz bass.

Sonny plays either a new Fender Jazz bass (black) or a 1975 Fender Precision bass (natural).

His bass signal passes through a Boss TU-2 Tuner pedal and a Boss ODD-3 Bass Overdrive pedal.

Sonny uses a Hartke HA 5500 500 watt bass head and 2 4x10 Hartke XL Series cabinets.

Ron's Slingerland kit.


Ron plays a 1964 Slingerland trap kit with Sonor Force 3000 Snare and Zildjian cymbals.