...and guppies eat their young was a Phoenix-based band consisting of Jason DiGiacomo (guitar), Ron Marschall (drums), Roland Daum (guitar, synthesizer), Sonny Coccera (bass) and Brock Ruggles (voice, guitar).

The guppies have eleven releases to their credit and have shared the stage with such diverse touring acts as Mogwai, Bardo Pond, The Black Heart Procession, Mike Watt, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Elf Power, Radar Bros., Idaho, Les Savy Fav, 90 Day Men, the Deathray Davies and Smog.

  • Once (2004 Audio Empire/Scapular Winging CD)
  • The Lost Aesthetic (2003 Scapular Winging CD)
  • "Brighter Days" / "The Mottled Beauty of a Spiteful Seed" (2002 Carmen Diablo 7" Vinyl)
  • Thom Fuckery (2001 Scapular Winging Double CD)
  • "Brighter Days" / "The Mottled Beauty of a Spiteful Seed" (2001 Scapular Winging CD Single)
  • Where Happiness Lies (2000 Scapular Winging CD)
  • Anhedonia (2000 Scapular Winging CD)
  • Burning Fucking Stupid (2000 Scapular Winging CD)
  • Better Quality Girls (1999 Scapular Winging CD)
  • Mandrake Depressive (1999 Scapular Winging limited edition CD EP)
  • ...and guppies eat their young (1998 cassette)

"There are traces of Galaxie 500 in the guppies' lo-fi performance, echoes of the Pixies in their sometimes inscrutable lyrical content, and elements of the Velvet Underground's willful highbrow in their reserved cool and in the visual impact of their live show. . . . The guppies' music approaches the level of Pure Art - an aesthetic creation that exists for no reason other than its own right to be - and their freedom is absolute." - Eric Waggoner, Phoenix New Times

"When I play this band to people, it always leaves them with a surprised face and a smile. . . . an original mixture of Blackheart, Three Mile Pilot, Low, country stuff and some Sonic Youth. A band that you sit down to listen to, that is giving you back what the day has stolen from you." - Carmen Diablo Records (Spain)

"...AND GUPPIES EAT THEIR YOUNG. a weird mixture of depressive folky-punk and dirty garage-blues. imagine THE BAD SEEDS mixed with CALEXICO playing STOOGES songs completely drunk in a desperate bar in the middle of the desert." - Westberlin (Germany)

"Criminally infectious...a sunburned Sonic Youth vibe ...noise-laden ambience...excellent stuff" - Sponic Zine

"A very intriguing, strange and interesting band from Arizona who create dark, noisy and twisted music. Often experimental, sometimes beautiful, other times downright frightening. Ranging from slow-core beauty like Bedhead et al, and then jetting off into an assaultive barrage of noise, they certainly keep it interesting!" - Clairecords

...and guppies eat their young.
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